Reading Power Metrics Information

Use the Cloud API to query connected Synaccess PDUs for sensor information and their last known measurements.

PDUs require internet connection and basic setup before you can use the API for outlet control. Use this guide to get setup if you haven't already.

Utilize the following REST API endpoints to request power consumption and energy metrics for outlets, inlets, and banks and their last known measurements.

List All Inlets
List All Outlets
List All Banks

We use inlets as an example to pull PDU input energy metrics. If you are interested in individual outlet power measurements, you can use a similar request for getting a list of all outlets.

Example Request

curl --request GET \
     --url https://api.synaccess.com/api/v1/inlets \
     --header 'Accept: application/json'

Example Output

    "id": "17374353",
    "inletType": "single",
    "inletPlug": "NEMA L21-30P",
    "inletName": "NEMA L6-20P Inlet",
    "inletLineConfiguration": "L-L",
    "inletEnergyAccumulation": 89,
    "inletCurrentRms": 4.2,
    "inletVoltageRms": 202.4,
    "inletLineFrequency": 59.9,
    "inletPowerFactor": 0.8,
    "inletActivePower": 11,             
    "inletApparentPower": 10
    "inletType": "single",
    "inletPlug": "IEC-320 C20R",
    "inletPhase": "Single Phase",
    "inletName": "IEC-320 C20R Inlet",
    "id": "I1-1000029",
    "inletLineConfiguration": "L-N",
    "inletCurrentRms": 0,
    "inletVoltageRms": 111.30000305175781,
    "inletLineFrequency": 60.1619987487793,
    "inletPowerFactor": 1,
    "inletActivePower": 0,
    "inletApparentPower": 0,
    "inletEnergyAccumulation": 0.00014000000373926014