Synaccess Cloud Roadmap

This roadmap is updated on a monthly basis. It describes our platform development plans for the benefit of integrators, developers, and endusers to control Synaccess PDUs in a variety of ways.

The following information is being shared in order to outline some of our current product plans, specifications are subject to change.


  • Registering Devices with Synaccess Cloud
  • Pulling Long Term Logging Data (API endpoints, basic visualizations, CSV exporting)
  • Available pricing options + details (Free Tier, Pro Tier, Enterprise Tier)
  • PDU Management for change outlet stats
  • Reading instantaneous power and energy metrics of outlets, inlets, and banks

Mid Term

  • PDU Management for modifying device settings (Sept - Oct 2022)
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) for cloud access (Sept - Oct 2022)

Long Term

  • Create temporary users with configurable restrictions. (Oct - Dec 2022)
  • Batch Firmware Update (Oct - Dec 2022)
  • Access PDU triggered events logs. (Oct - Dec 2022)
  • Triggered Events Web Hooks (Oct - Dec 2022)
  • PDU management for triggered events and actions. (Oct - Dec 2022)