Access raw logging data of bank measurements over time.

The parameter since must not be used with any of before, after, page, and per_page parameters. if since is used, it will always return all events created since that time, ordered by their create time limited till 1000.

Example Bank Event Information

      "id": 47,
      "bank_id": "2001607",
      "bank_name": "Primary Bank",
      "enclosureSerialNumber": 1502530,
      "energyAccumulation": 2.98,
      "currentRms": 0.14,
      "voltageRms": 118.2,
      "lineFrequency": 60.19,
      "powerFactor": 0.45,
      "activePower": 7.71,
      "apparentPower": 16.97,
      "circuitBreakerClosed": true,
      "hasCircuitBreakerProtection": true,
      "deviceFirmware": "2.5.51-13-g997a1564",
      "bankHw": "1.1.1",
      "bankFw": "3.1.18",
      "createdAt": "2022-08-13T22:58:37.264Z"

idintegerUnique identifier for this bank data point.
bank_idstringBank ID this data point belongs to. This is unique to each bank of the PDU.
bank_namestringCustom bank name that is set by the user..
enclosureSerialNumberintegerSerial Number of the PDU which this bank belongs to.
currentRmsfloatThe instantaneous current measured at the inlet in Amps
voltageRmsfloatInstantaneous voltage reading at inlet and all outlets in volts
lineFrequencyfloatLine Frequency measurement valid from 45-65 GHz
powerFactorfloatPower Factor reading. Value is signed value representing polarity of power factor
activePowerfloatActive Power measured in KW (kiloWatts). Power consumed by electrical resistance
apparentPowerfloatPower which is actually consumed or utilized
energyAccumulationfloatNumber of kilowatt hours accumulated. Can be used as billing unit for energy delivered
circuitBreakerClosedbooleanState of circuit breakers. true if circuit breaker is closed and providing power correctly.
hasCircuitBreakerProtectionbooleantrue if bank has a circuit breaker. Otherwise, it is false
createdAtstringTime in ISO format when the data point was saved to database ​
bankHwstringHardware Version of the bank
bankFwstringFirmware Version of the bank
deviceFirmwarestringFirmware of the control module
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