Banks are a representation of a group of outlets. Banks are often referred to as circuits as well. One PDU typically has between 1 and 6 banks. Sometimes banks have circuit breakers.

  "id": "286331153",
  "inletId": "I1-1000016",
  "firmwareVersion": "010100",
  "hardwareVersion": "010105",
  "outletSwitchingSupported": true,
  "outletMeteringSupported": true,
  "currentRms": 0.807,
  "voltageRms": 119.900,
  "lineFrequency": 60.138,
  "powerFactor": 0.810,
  "activePower": 0.009,
  "apparentPower": 0.930,
  "energyAccumulation": 42.21,
  "bankName": "Bank 1",
  "bankLines": "L1-L2",
  "circuitBreakerClosed": true,
  "hasCircuitBreakerProtection": true,
  "enclosureSerialNumber": 1024122712
idstringUnique identifier for the bank
inletIdstringID of inlet which the bank is behind
firmwareVersionstringVersion for bank firmware
hardwareVersionstringVersion for hardware for bank
outletSwitchingSupportedbooleantrue if bank outlets support individual outlet switching
outletMeteringSupportedbooleantrue if bank outlets support individual outlet current metering
currentRmsnumberThe instantaneous current measured at the inlet in Amps
voltageRmsnumberInstantaneous voltage reading at inlet and all outlets in volts
lineFrequencynumberLine Frequency measurement valid from 45-65 GHz
powerFactornumberPower Factor reading. Value is signed value representing polarity of power factor
activePowernumberActive Power measured in KW (kiloWatts). Power consumed by electrical resistance
apparentPowernumberPower which is actually consumed or utilized
energyAccumulationnumberNumber of kilowatt hours accumulated. Can be used as billing unit for energy delivered
bankNamestringUser defined name for Bank
bankLinesstringSpecific Lines or line configuration which this bank is utilizing
circuitBreakerClosedbooleanState of circuit breakers. true if circuit breaker is closed and providing power correctly.
enclosureSerialNumbernumberUnique identifier for a SynLink device