Device Object shows information that describes a Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

    "deviceName": "Lab PDU #1",
    "connectionState": "Connected",
    "cloudPostIntervalMs" : 30000,
    "numBanks": 3,
    "numOutlets": 36,
    "numInlets": 1,
    "inletPlug": "L21-30P",
    "outletPwrMeasurementsSupported": true,
    "outletSwitchingSupported": true,
    "enclosureSerialNumber": 1024122712,
    "modelNumber": "SP-3001CA-HA",
    "inletConfig": "standard",
    "formFactor": "0U",
    "controllerSerialNumber": 1360604425,
    "controllerFirmwareVersion": "1.0.3",
    "phase": "Single Phase",
    "controllerHardwareVersion": "1.0.0",
    "circuitBreakerProtection": true,
    "lastFwUpdateStatus": "Success-1660173474"

deviceNamestringUser defined nickname for device
connectionStatestringDescribes the state of the current connection to the device
cloudPostIntervalMsnumberTime between device logging to cloud in milliseconds. Minimum allowed value is 1000. Maximum is 86399999.
numBanksnumberNumber of banks: a section of outlets on a specific circuit
numOutletsnumberNumber of outlets total
numInletsnumberNumber of inlets. Either 1 or 2
inletPlugstringInlet Plug receptacle/plug. If multiple inlets, both are same plug type
outletPwrMeasurementsSupportedbooleanWhen true, each outlet can measure current draw in amps
outletSwitchingSupportedbooleanWhen true, each outlet can switch on or off with a relay
enclosureSerialNumberstringUnique ID for PDU Enclosure.
modelNumberstringSpecific PDU model number
inletConfigstringEither "standard", "dualcircuit", or "ats"
formFactorstringEither "0U", "1U", or "2U"
controllerSerialNumbernumberSerial Number of SynLink Controller Module
controllerFirmwareVersionstringFirmware version for controller
controllerHardwareVersionstringHardware version for controller
phasestringEither "Single Phase", "Three Phase Delta", or "Three Phase Wye"
circuitBreakerProtectionbooleanTrue if circuit breaker protection exists
lastFwUpdateStatusstringReturns the status of the latest firmware update process. Timestamp in UNIX timestamp format is appended to the status