This object represents an outlet inside of a particular Power Distribution Unit (PDU). It lets you read instantaneous power metrics, read outlet configuration values, and control outlet relay states (ON or OFF).

  "id": "1-16777225",
  "outletName": "Outlet 1",
  "pwrOnState": "ON",
  "outletIndex": 1,
  "receptacle": "NEMA 5-20R",
  "customRebootTimeEnabled": false,
  "customRebootTime": 5,
  "circuitVoltage": 116.80,
  "currentRms": 0.16,
  "state": "ON",
  "bankId": 16777225,
  "voltageDetection": true,
  "rebootStatus": "pendingOff",
  "relayHealth": "OK",
  "timestamp":  1656699228132,
  "connectionState": "Connected",
  "enclosureSerialNumber": 01740824,
  "pduLabeledOutletNum" : 1
idstringUnique identifier for the Outlet.
outletNamestringUser defined outlet name
pwrOnStatestringInitial State of outlet on boot. Value is either "ON", "OFF", or "PREV"
outletIndexnumberWhich number outlet amongst total outlets
receptaclestringConnector type for outlet receptacle. Value is either "nema 5-15", "nema 5-20", "IEC 320 C13", or "IEC 320 C19"
customRebootTimeEnabledbooleantrue if the time for reboot looks at customRebootTime instead of global reboot time
customRebootTimenumberNumber of seconds for outlet reboot time if customRebootTimeEnabled is true
circuitVoltagenumberVoltage RMS of the circuit that the outlet is connected to.
currentRmsnumberKey will exist if current_monitoring_supported value is true. return number value in amps for current load for outlet.
statestring"ON", "OFF" are the available options. Only exists of outlet current metering supported
bankIdnumberUnique identifier for bank that outlet is associated with
rebootStatusstringIf outlet has been set to cycle/reboot, this value will be: pendingOff or pendingOn. Otherwise it will be none
voltageDetectionbooleanIs true if there is voltage detected on outlet. If state not equal to voltageDetection then there is potential hardware issues with the relay
relayHealthstringEither "OK" or "Failed". Compares state and voltageDetection and returns "OK" if they are equal
timestampnumberUnix timestamp in milliseconds for the power metrics and current configuration
connectionStatestringDescription of the current connection state with the device
enclosureSerialNumbernumberUnique serial number for device enclosure
pduLabeledOutletNumnumberMatches the labeling on the physical PDU for outlet number