This page will help you get started with Synaccess Cloud API.

Synaccess Cloud API

Manage multiple PDUs in one convenient dashboard. Once connected, manage eligible PDU outlets and view eligible PDU energy and power metrics. Log and access long term PDU energy, power and outlet states through cloud.synaccess.com.

The Synacess Cloud API is organized around REST. The API accepts JSON request bodies, and returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Connect a SynLink PDU

Follow these instructions to connect your PDU to the Synaccess Cloud


Device, Outlet, Inlet, and Bank endpoints can be utilized to access instantaneous measurements and for control/management (including turning outlets on or off).

Logging Endpoints

Access long term storage of data from connected Synaccess PDUs for outlet power/energy measurements, states, and some configurations.