This object represents a sensor accessory that can be connected to a particular Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

Sensor Object

  "enclosureSerialNumber": 1246912,
  "sensorPort": "B",
  "sensorName": "Temperature & Humidity Sensor",
  "sensorType": "temp_hum"
sensorPortstring"A" or "B" are the available options. Correspond with physical RJ45 ports.
sensorTypestringSpecifies which type of sensor. Example: "temp_hum"
sensorNamestringName for sensor. Not changeable.


Sensor Object - Temperature & Humidity Attributes

If sensorType is "temp_hum" then the sensor object will have the following attributes.

  "sensorTempInC": 22.90574836730957,
  "sensorTempInF": 73.2303466796875,
  "sensorHumidity": 39.50677490234375,
sensorTempInFnumberTemperature in fahrenheit
sensorTempInCnumberTemperature in celsius
sensorHumiditynumberHumidity as a relative percentage