This object represents an inlet for a particular Power Distribution Unit (PDU). It let's you read basic inlet information, energy metrics, power consumption information, and inlet configuration settings.

  "id": "17374353",
  "inletType": "single",
  "inletPlug": "NEMA L6-20P",
  "inletName": "NEMA L6-20P Inlet",
  "inletEnergyAccumulation": 89.03,
  "inletPhase": "Single Phase",
  "timestamp": 1656699228132,
  "enclosureSerialNumber": 1024122712
idstringUnique identifier for Inlet
inletTypestringDescribes configuration of specific Inlet Object. Either "single", "dual", or "ats".
inletPlugstringConnector type for Inlet
inletNamestringUser defined name for inlet
inletEnergyAccumulationnumberkWH value to show energy consumption for inlet plug. If multiple inlets, value will stay same for all inlets.
inletPhasenumberEither "Single Phase", or "Three Phase"
timestampnumberUnix timestamp in milliseconds for the power metrics and current configuration
enclosureSerialNumbernumberUnique serial number for device enclosure

Inlet Object - 3 Phase Attributes

The following attributes will be included if the PDU is a 3 phase PDU

  "inletPowerFactor": 0.8,
  "threePhaseBalance": "80%",
  "inletLines": [
      "currentRms": 1.31,
      "id": "L1-17374353",
      "line": "L1"
      "currentRms": 2.41,
      "id": "L2-17374353",
      "line": "L2"
      "currentRms": 1.31,
      "id": "L3-17374353",
      "line": "L3"
inletPowerFactornumberPower factor value for inlet plug
threePhaseBalancestringPercentage unbalance for 3 phase circuit
inletLinesarrayContains 3 line objects, each with "currentRMS" in amps, unique "id", and "line" it is associated with.

Inlet Object - Single Phase Attributes

For ATS inlets, the following attributes will exist in the inlet with atsInletActive = true.

  "inletCurrentRms": 4.2,
  "inletVoltageRms": 202.4,
  "inletLineFrequency": 59.9,
  "inletPowerFactor": 0.8,
  "inletActivePower": 11,             
  "inletApparentPower": 10,
  "inletLineConfiguration": "L-L",
inletCurrentRmsnumberInlet current draw in amps
inletVoltageRmsnumberInlet voltage RMS in volts
inletLineFrequencynumberInlet line frequency in hertz
inletPowerFactornumberPower factor ratio
inletActivePowernumberInlet Active Power in watts
inletApparentPowernumberInlet Apparent Power in Volt-amperes (VA)
inletLineConfigurationstringLine configuration for outlets connected to this inlet.

Inlet Object - ATS (Auto Transfer Switch) Attributes

The following attributes will appear if the PDU has ATS functionality.

  "atsInletId": "A",
  "atsInletActive": true,
  "atsInletReady": true,
atsInletIdstringEither "A" or "B". Matches label on PDU.
atsInletActivebooleantrue if inlet is used to power outlets.
atsInletReadybooleantrue if inlet has voltage potential