Access raw logging data of inlet measurements over time.

The parameter since must not be used with any of before, after, page, and per_page parameters. if since is used, it will always return all events created since that time, ordered by their create time limited till 1000.

Example Inlet Event Information

      "id": 42,
      "inlet_id": "I1-1502530",
      "inlet_name": "30A Circuit",
      "enclosureSerialNumber": 1502530,
      "energyAccumulation": 2.96,
      "currentRms": 0.15,
      "voltageRms": 117.9,
      "lineFrequency": 60.19,
      "powerFactor": 0.46,
      "activePower": 8.27,
      "apparentPower": 17.9,
      "deviceFirmware": "2.5.51-13-g997a1564",
      "createdAt": "2022-08-13T21:50:56.470Z"

idintegerUnique identifier for this inlet data point.
inlet_idstringInlet ID this data point belongs to. This is unique to each inlet of the PDU.
inlet_namestringCustom inlet name that is set by the user.
atsInletIdstringAvailable for devices with ATS. Specifies the ID of the ATS Inlet.
atsInletReadybooleanAvailable for devices with ATS. Specifies if this inlet is powered but not yet active
atsInletActivebooleanAvailable for devices with ATS Specifies if this inlet is powered and is the active source of power
enclosureSerialNumberintegerSerial Number of the PDU which this inlet belongs to.
energyAccumulationfloatkWH value to show energy consumption for inlet plug. If multiple inlets, value will stay same for all inlets.
currentRmsfloatInlet current draw in amps
voltageRmsfloatInlet voltage RMS in volts
lineFrequencyfloatInlet line frequency in hertz
powerFactorfloatPower factor ratio
activePowerfloatInlet Active Power in watts
apparentPowerfloatInlet Apparent Power in Volt-amperes (VA)
deviceFirmwarestringFirmware for device at the given time
createdAtstringTime in ISO format when the data point was saved to database ​
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