Access raw logging data of outlet measurements and state over time.

The parameter since must not be used with any of before, after, page, and per_page parameters. if since is used, it will always return all events created since that time, ordered by their create time limited till 1000.

Example Outlet Event Information

      "id": 180,
      "outlet_id": "4-2001607",
      "outlet_name": "Blade Server",
      "enclosureSerialNumber": 1502530,
      "circuitVoltage": 117.9,
      "outletIndex": 4,
      "currentRms": 5.23,
      "state": true,
      "voltageDetection": true,
      "deviceFirmware": "2.5.51-13-g997a1564",
      "createdAt": "2022-08-13T21:50:56.468Z"

idintegerUnique identifier for this outlet data point.
outlet_idstringOutlet ID this data point belongs to. This is unique to each outlet of the PDU.
outlet_namestringCustom outlet name that is set by the user
enclosureSerialNumberintegerSerial Number of the PDU which this outlet belongs to.
circuitVoltagefloatVoltage RMS of the circuit that the outlet is connected to.
outletIndexintegerNumber outlet within PDU.
currentRmsfloatKey will exist if current_monitoring_supported value is true. return number value in amps for current load for outlet.
statebooleanif true then outlet is on. if false outlet is off
voltageDetectionbooleanIs true if there is voltage detected on outlet. If state not equal to voltageDetection then there is potential hardware issues with the relay
deviceFirmwarestringFirmware of device at the given time
createdAtstringTime in ISO format when the data point was saved to database
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